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Explore the History of the Oldest Homes in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is home to a wealth of historic homes, some of which date all the way back to the 19th century. Although many of the homes have been repurposed for office or living space, the original architecture is largely in-tact and offers a unique glimpse into past lives in Winston-Salem.

For all of you history buffs out there, we’ve compiled a list of some of the oldest historic homes in the area, so read on to learn more about centuries-old architecture in Winston-Salem!

Robert M. Hanes House

A flowerBuilt between the years of 1926 and 1927, the Robert M. Hanes House occupies 2.48 acres in the Buena Vista neighborhood. The house gets its namesake from Robert M. Hanes, a banker, economic adviser, and one of the founders of the Research Triangle Park area.

Hanes hired the renowned landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman to create the gardens of the home, while the original landscaping was likely done by Thomas W. Sears, a prominent landscape architect from the Philadelphia area. Most of the house and surrounding gardens are still in-tact today.

Conrad-Starbuck and Carriage House

A window in a brick house.The Conrad Starbuck House was constructed around 1884, while the Carriage House was built a few years later in 1910. Built by John Calvin Conrad, a leader in the Moravian community, and sold to Henry R. Starbuck, a local politician, the house gets its name from both men.

No other house in the area maintains the same brick Italianate-style that the Conrad-Starbuck House does, making it one of the most unique structures in Winston-Salem. The accompanying carriage house remains one of the few 20th century carriage houses left in the town. This historic home now acts as office space for local businesses.

H.D. Poindexter House

A fireplaceHenry Dalton Poindexter‘s Queen Anne style home was built between the years of 1892-1894 by an unknown architect. Keeping in line with Queen Anne characteristics, every room in the home besides the kitchen has an extravagant fireplace and mantle.

A local storeowner, Poindexter lived in the home with his wife, children, and dogs. The house was  moved from its original spot in 1978 and has undergone restoration efforts since then. Visitors can see the home and the updates made at its new location in the West End neighborhood.

Rogers House

A view from inside of a window, looking out to a nearby house. Featuring remnants of the Gothic Revival and Queen Anne style of architecture, James Mitchell Rogers ordered the construction of his home during the years of 1883-1885. The Miller Brothers, a well-known construction firm at the time, completed the home for the local businessman.

The Rogers family lived in the home for nearly a century, before the home was eventually repurposed for office space. Visitors can stop by the home’s Cherry Street location to admire the impressive history and architecture of this centuries-old home.

Joseph Franklin Bland House

A stone spiral staircaseAlso known as “The Castle,” The Joseph Franklin Bland House was built somewhere near the early 1930s in the Buena Vista neighborhood. Bland made his career as a popular local musician and organist, in addition to repairing and selling instruments in his spare time. Heavily involved in the design and construction of the home,  Bland himself  took a hands-on approach to building his Chateauesque style home.

The exterior of the house certainly keeps up with the moniker of “The Castle.” The home boasts stone features, conical roofs, and slate tiling. An impressive architectural feat to this day, the Bland House is privately owned by a different family, but has maintained almost all of its original features.

Explore the History of Winston-Salem

The historic homes of Winston-Salem offer a glimpse into our city’s colorful past, from the daily lives of notable figures to the popular architectural styles of the time. Explore what’s for sale in the Winston-Salem area, and find your perfect home to make history in today!

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