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Give Back to the Community Through These Local Charities

Here at the Forsyth Realty Group, we believe that a huge part of living in a community is giving back when you can. There are a number of charities that we either work with or highlight that make a big difference for folks around the area.

Whether you donate time, money, supplies, or something else that’s needed, there are plenty of ways to give back! If you’ve been wanting to get involved with a good cause, check out some in-depth info on a few of these organizations, and find more options here.

Habitat for Humanity

Construction supplies on a sawhorse.

The Forsyth County branch of Habitat for Humanity does more than just build houses—they also teach a number of classes and hold training session on everything from personal finance to professional skills. As far as volunteering goes, you can sign up to help with a build, work a few shifts at the ReStore, provide meals, donate money, or browse for special opportunities throughout the year.

The Enrichment Center

A person painting.

A Winston-Salem-based organization, the Enrichment Center provides resources and aid to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The center teaches courses, has life skills training, hosts community activities, and even works towards job placement. If you’re interested in helping the cause, you can donate money, volunteer at the center, help with job placement, or even buy an original piece from the Gateway Gallery!

The Arts Council

A person doing pottery.

The Forsyth County Arts Council is actually the first arts council ever formed in the country! Since 1949, they’ve been working to support and grow the arts community in the area. In addition to running several facilities, they also host cultural festivals and community events, and support other organizations and individual artists. Want to give back and support the arts? Consider becoming a member of the Renaissance Society, workplace giving, or donating.

Winston-Salem Street School

A school library.

Getting a quality education is important. The Winston-Salem Street School helps at-risk youth who have been expelled or dropped out from other schools earn their high school diploma and figure out next steps, including college, the military, or the workforce. Passionate about helping the school? Consider signing up to be a substitute or tutor or donating meals for lunch.

Forsyth County Humane Society

A dog.

Pets play a big role in a lot of people’s lives, and the Humane Society is around to make sure that as many stray animals as possible find good homes! The Humane Society aims for a 90% save rate for all shelter animals in the county, but they can’t make it possible without help from volunteers. Whether you choose to adopt an animal, become a foster, donate money or supplies, or even shop through their Amazon Smile account, there are plenty of ways to get involved!

Hydrating Humanity

A water faucet.

Access to clean water probably isn’t something you think about everyday, but for some people in the world, it’s a daily concern. Hydrating Humanity is an organization that aims to bring clean water and hygiene education to communities around the world that are in great need. If you’re interested in helping, consider sponsoring a well, starting a campaign, or gathering donations on social media.

Explore More Local Charities

We love living in Forsyth County, and we want to make sure that life here is the best it can be for all residents. Browse a few more of the local organizations and charities that are doing work in the area and beyond, and give us a call if you have any questions!

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