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Simple Yet Effective Holiday Home Staging Tips

It might feel like fall is just getting started, but the holiday season is fast approaching—and real estate in Winston-Salem shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the upcoming months are a fantastic opportunity for home sellers looking to cash out on hard-earned equity; prices are rising and buyer demand has skyrocketed. With a little holiday home staging, your home will be ready to impress house-hunters in no time.

Holiday Home Staging to WOW Your Buyers

Home staging can add a lot to a home any time of year. But the holiday season offers opportunities for using cozy and classic decor you just can’t find during spring or summer. So if you really want to impress potential buyers, consider investing some time in a little holiday home staging. Here are some tips to get you started.

Clean & declutter first

folding blankets and putting them away

Before you add any decor, take some time to tidy up what’s already there. Cleaning, of course, is an essential first step to any home staging or preparation. But after you finish dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing, take a look at the decor already present. Consider removing anything too personal, like family photos, or style-specific, like bold or dark colors.

Keep it simple & neutral

When staging, less is more. Always remove before you add. The last thing you want to do is give your home a cluttered feel by adding too much decor or covering your home’s best features. Decor should be an accent, not a centerpiece.

Create coziness

warm cinnamon scents

Less might be more, but there are still plenty of ways to usher in a sense of fall coziness. Signature fall scents, like cinnamon or cider, can help make your home feel warm and welcoming. Adding throw blankets to the backs of couches or armchairs might conjure an image of cozy evenings curled up by the fireplace. Accents like pinecones and evergreen wreaths add the finishing touches.

Use complementing colors

Before you add any decor to a room, make sure it doesn’t clash with your existing color palette. Rooms painted cool blues or greens will take white or silver accents much better than red or bold colors. And earth-toned rooms work well with richer colors like reds, greens, and golds.

Accent your home’s positives

Use your decor to draw the eye to your home’s most attractive features. Highlight a mantle with some garland or an arched doorway with mistletoe. Just be sure not to cover any of these features while you decorate.

Don’t go overboard

Remember, less is more! Keep it simple, keep it tasteful, and keep it neutral. It’s always better to under-decorate than to over-decorate!

Looking for More Holiday Home Staging Tips?

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